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My submission

2008-03-09 22:49:25 by shockmaf

MY LAST SUBMISSION has a 2.92 bad but to me thats AWSOME it would be even awsomer if it was 3.00 but who cares you get what you get

I started on this one 5 minutes after my first one passed its at least 10 times better then my last one since my last one was a year old i just finaly got around to submitting it thowe so if you liked my old stuff check out my new stuff.

My first submition

2008-03-09 16:08:24 by shockmaf

I submited my first flash i hope it get the $#!t judged out of it and i hope i get some good advise i plan on making many more and they will be better i was just experminting with format with that one i think i might need a better .mov to swf converter does anyone know of one or have advise?


2007-09-07 22:04:43 by shockmaf



2007-09-03 14:23:32 by shockmaf

all I do all day is review and vote (has no life) but if you find one let me know